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Roller Shutters/Persianas

Roller Shutters/Persianas…

with or without insect screens.

Vivosol supply and install rollers shutters or persianas to suit any situation. From standard roller shutters to high efficiency persianas.

Our persianas can be either manually operated or motorised. With our motorised solutions, these can be incorporated into your Smart Home Automation system if required.

High Efficiency Roller Shutter

The Vivosol High Efficiency persiana, made of PVC, is an ideal complement to the windows in those spaces that need perfect insulation. Its material and its special design provide a perfect solution. Optionally, the Vivosol HE roller shutter can include a mosquito net installed inside the shuuet box, maintaining the aesthetics of the set and without taking up additional space.

More than a roller shutter

  • Very insulating, up to Uw = 0.81 W / m² · K
  • Acoustic attenuation of up to 42 dB
  • Built-in mosquito net
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Long life

Due to the climate of our country, sun protection elements are essential in every home. The roller shutter, the glass and the profiles of the window form a single element. It is not possible to have high-performance insulating windows if the performance of these three elements is not perfectly harmonized in the whole.

Thanks to its high thermal and acoustic insulation, the Vivosol HE persiana is the ideal complement. You can use it in both windows and balcony doors.
Its thermal insulation based on expanded polystyrene, its acoustic attenuation plate and the ability to incorporate a mosquito net make the Vivosol HE roller shutter blind drawer a 3-in-1 solution to maintain the aesthetics of its facade and enjoy the benefits that its window provides.
A unique adjustment system allows the quick assembly of the roller shutter in the most common window systems, guaranteeing the tightness and resistance of the connection with the window in time.

External noise reduction

In urban environments, outside noise can even cause health problems. Enjoy a good rest in the comfort of your home. Being open to the outside, the roller shutter is often the point of least acoustic insulation of the entire window opening.

Roller Shutters/Persianas supplied and installed Marbella, Estepona to Sotogrande and beyond…