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PVC Bifold Doors

Bringing outdoors inside…

With our bifold doors, when closed provide the best thermal and acoustic insulation as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

In the open position, the leaves can be folded to the right or to the left interchangeably, allowing the maximum opening , with openings from 3 to 7 leaves, achieving a total free width of up to 6 meters.

OPENMAX PREMIUM, the new generation of multi-leaf doors.

OpenMAX Premium is an innovative modular system that works uniquely; Its secret is in the name, each leaf is placed and slides independently, transforming spaces between rooms or exits to the garden or terrace.
Unlike the traditional folding system, OpenMAX Premium goes unnoticed inside, creating wide and open spaces, its exclusive system allows each sheet to open independently, facilitating cleaning and ventilation.
In short, simple lines and minimal structure for an extremely versatile and safe system.

Energy Saving. The technology of our PVC doors can save up to 68% of your energy bill.
Noise Insulation. Silence is comfort. With our PVC doors you can reduce outside noise up to 32 times (50dB).
Security. Our PVC doors are equipped with reinforcements and ironworks of leading brands, achieving a very secure door.
Insulating. Our PVC doors protect you from cold, heat, rain and wind. You will be comfortable regardless of how the weather is outside.

High quality PVC windows and doors supplied and installed in Marbella, Estepona to Sotogrande and beyond…