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Designer Security Entrance Doors

Security, design and comfort to suit you

The high security doors designed by Vivosol are unique doors. Each model is designed to identify with your style, with a custom configuration level. Any element of the door adapts to your requirement and needs.

All Vivosol designer security doors are equipped with locks with at least 7 locking points, giving the system a level of RC3 security, even without the need to operate the key. Our doors are designed without architectural barriers, different access controls and perfect thermal and acoustic insulation, achieving top comfort.

Configure your Security Entrance Door without limits

Vivosol doors adapt to all dimensions, modifying the design to fit the door size you need.

Fixed sides and top sections

To our doors you can add a fixed glass panel, both lateral and above, without altering the aesthetics or design.

Profiles, hinges and handles

The configuration of Vivosol doors allows you to pay attention to details that go unnoticed in other doors. You can choose if you want a normal frame or coplanar profile. The latter will make your door integrated into your facade project.

As for the hinges there are two options: hidden or standard.

The handles are available in 3 design lines: short, long and integrated.

Hardware and access control

Safety is a key element in Vivosol security entrance doors. Both in its structure and with its fittings, which include an automatic lock of at least 7 points and anti-bumping and double clutch.

You can also control access to your home with numerical code, fingerprint or directly from your smartphone.

Energy Saving. The technology of our PVC doors can save up to 68% of your energy bill.
Noise Insulation. Silence is comfort. With our PVC doors you can reduce outside noise up to 32 times (50dB).
Security. Our PVC doors are equipped with reinforcements and ironworks of leading brands, achieving a very secure door.
Insulating. Our PVC doors protect you from cold, heat, rain and wind. You will be comfortable regardless of how the weather is outside.

High quality PVC windows and doors supplied and installed in Marbella, Estepona to Sotogrande and beyond…