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Panel Sandwich/Polycarbonate Sliding Roofs

Panel Sandwich/Polycarbonate sliding roofs

Panel plate or polycarbonate sliding roofs are a light and high quality option.

Vivosol is the leading supplier of mobile polycarbonate roofs on the Costa del Sol.

The Vivosol polycarbonate sliding roofs have the advantage that they are highly customizable, adapting to the needs of each client. You can choose the measurements, materials, colors and the type of drive (manual or motorized). We offer perfect finishes that you can enjoy your terrace all year round. The mobile roofs are easy to install and give a great sense of spaciousness, allowing the light to pass through so you can enjoy a more luminous and warm space. They are made of plates of very resistant material, lightweight, durable, easy to mold and dye in hundreds of colors … You can also choose between translucent or transparent, depending on the environment you want to create. Learn about the advantages of polycarbonate roofs or get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you.


  • Sandwich panel composed of two layers of aluminium attached to a core of polystyrene, it can be lacquered on both sides.
  • Cellular polycarbonate available in ice white color (translucent) or colorless (transparent).s
  • Maximum opening width 1250mm.
  • Manual. Different types of actuators: manual with a pole, manual with a spindle or motorized with a push-button or remote control. Additional controls, such sun, wind or rain sensors, available as options, complement the standard electric drive with convenient automatic functions.
  • Simple or double traction with tubular motors hidden from view handling up to 4 gaps (depending on the dimensions of the roof)

We are a leading company in supplying sliding roofs. Fill in your contact details in our contact form, and we will contact you back. You can also call us during working hours at (+34) 951 90 31 80. We will find you the best polycarbonate or panal sandwich sliding roof solution.