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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds, able to cover high ceilings and irregular surfaces such as curves, slopes and stairs.


Vertical blinds estepona

The vertical blind system offers total control of the entry of light thanks to the movement of the slats and their rotation of up to 180º. Able to project the appropriate atmosphere at all times, the vertical blind stands out for its precise and versatile design that allows it to cover glazing up to 6m wide and 6m high.

The vertical blind also offers a great capacity to adapt to any space, including stairs, curved and inclined windows, cornices and unevenness thanks to its adaptive rail. It is the ideal system to project a multitude of shades of natural light into your home. We have a wide range of decorative and technical fabrics, which also include the option of converting the vertical blind into a total concealment system thanks to the opaque fabric slats.

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