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Venetian Blinds

In wood or aluminum, the Venetian blind offers great versatility to manage the light in any room.

The Venetian blind is a practical and functional option that allows high and precise control of the passage of light into the interior. This system combines the clarity of a total opening and the ability to achieve great opacity in its deployed position thanks to its structure of adjustable slats of different widths that move 180º on their horizontal axis. Available with stainless aluminum slats, which make it an ideal solution for humid and saline environments, or with wooden slats, for an exclusive finish that enhances the aesthetics of the environment and makes it more welcoming.

The multiple finishes offered by the VivoSol venetian blind system allow you to choose between different components, colors and options so that the curtain matches the style of your home.

Aluminium venetian blinds estepona

Aluminum Venetian Blind System

A modern and functional blind, ideal for directing sunlight and maintaining privacy.

These aluminum blinds allow you to direct the light with style. Adaptable to all tastes, they contemplate different solutions such as a metallic finish to match the decoration or the wide combination of colors and finishes. Venetian blinds are available in adjustable slats of 15, 25 and 50mm, which create different effects of light entry. They are easy to clean and include the exclusive Interlacing system, which hugs the slat avoiding snagging.

Wooden Venetian blinds estepona

Wooden Venetian Blind System

The ideal option to create a cozy atmosphere thanks to the warmth of our noble woods.

Our Venetian blinds are made with high quality noble woods, from organic and controlled crops. Capable of creating an elegant and cozy atmosphere, its slats are available in multiple finishes and rotate 180º on their horizontal axis, allowing you to find the precise point of light and privacy. The Genuine system, with light maneuverability, integrates a sober and refined design in fronts and terminals, according to new decorative trends, to adapt to very diverse environments.
Exterior Venetian blinds estepona

External Venetian Blinds

External venetian blinds are very flexible in terms of glare protection because they control the intensity of daylight. External Venetian blinds don’t just help you prevent glare and overheating, they also allow you to save energy. Automatic sun protection systems can reduce energy requirements by 10%.

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