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Pleated Blinds

The most versatile blind, adaptable to any inclination, irregularity and window shape.

We have taken the usual pleated blind, taken it to another level.

VivoSol pleated blind systems are capable of adapting to any type of window, even the most irregular ones. This blind, with its slender folded design, has a minimum collection size when open and we can supply fabrics that offer total opacity and translucent fabrics that filter the light; You can even combine two fabrics to manage the passage of light as desired with the Night and Day finish, which allows you to combine an opaque and a translucent fabric in a single curtain.

VivoSol pleated blinds are available in the Cell fabric format, which has an inner cell, similar to a beehive, that ensures 100% opacity and great thermal insulation.

irregular shape pleated blind

Irregular shape pleated blinds

With pleated blinds it is possible to shade many different irregular shaped windows.

VivoSol pleated shades are a very multi-purpose system that adapts easily to irregular surfaces like arches, triangles, specially cut surfaces and sloped planes. Their pleated design and minimal retraction space facilitates installation in any room, even in places with limited installation and retraction space.

For optimal sunlight management, the system enables you to combine two fabrics, one decorative and one blackout (pleated night and day). Also available with the “cell” style, a fabric with an interior ‘beehive’-like cell that ensures maximum opacity and energy savings, thanks to the aluminum layer on the inside of the cell.


pleated fit blinds estepona

Pleated “Fit” Blinds

We can supply pleated FIT blinds tha attach to your window and doors using adhesive tape rather than screws leaving free movement of the window.

Pleated Blinds supplied and installed, Marbella, Estepona to Sotogrande and beyond…