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Exterior Roller Blinds

Sun protection solutions capable of offering you maximum privacy and concealment.

VivoSols suppliers constant commitment to R&D results in a range of concealed roller blinds, both for indoor and outdoor use. A range of systems that combines the latest technology with cutting-edge fabrics to provide optimal light management until reaching maximum darkness.

The Z-Box, Zi-Box and Zi-Box Duo solar protection systems constitute the natural evolution of traditional blinds and represent VivoSols ambition to supply the latest developments to the field of blinds, minimizing the passage of light and generating the greatest opacity and privacy for the user.

Outdoor box roller blind estepona

Z-Box system

High durability in outdoor installation and maximum opacity thanks to its zipper guide system.

The result of innovation, Z-Box is the most suitable curtain for outdoor installation, capable of resisting any weather conditions. The lateral guide system with zipper firmly holds the fabric and the internal straps cushion the forces that the fabric receives. It also incorporates a large volume terminal that provides optimal drape of the fabric.

Z-Box has been certified with the highest wind resistance score in a test carried out by an external and independent laboratory, where it has exceeded wind speeds of up to three times (265 km/h) Class 6 of the EN13561 standard in a 200 x 200 cm curtain.

By combining Z-Box with a Blackout fabric it offers maximum concealment, being a real alternative to the classic blind. In addition, it guarantees excellent visual and thermal comfort.

o-box outdoor roller blind estepona

O-Box System

The exclusive design roller that provides elegance and originality thanks to its cylindrical shape.

O-Box presents a cylindrical aluminum drawer that will give a touch of design to your space. Its stainless components are very resistant to the elements. Therefore it is ideal for outdoors. Includes ceiling or wall fixing brackets that allow differences in measurement and installation to be overcome. This ensures viability even in curtain wall facades or in staggered installations, where it is possible to install two curtains. Equipped with a child safety system if you configure cord operation.

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