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Outdoor Venetian Blinds

External Venetian Blinds

External Venetian blinds are very flexible in terms of glare protection because they control the intensity of daylight. External Venetian blinds don’t just help you prevent glare and overheating, they also allow you to save energy. Automatic sun protection systems can reduce energy requirements by 10%.

Metalunic Sinus exterior venetian blinds estepona

Metalunic Sinus – The all metal external Venetian blind Sinus

The flowing form of the Metalunic Sinus can be harmoniously integrated into any facade and is ideal for a trendy, contemporary look in home furnishings. The Sinus slats direct sun rays to the ceiling. In doing so, the effect of the light reflected by the curved slats reduces glare on work spaces. Metalunic Sinus offers two things in one: use of existing daylight and comfortable glare protection.

Lamisol External venetian blind

Lamisol Exterior Venetian Blind

Lamisol can be put to use in a multiplicity of ways thanks to its two-slat width. Lamisol Reflect offers multiple slat positions in one. The lower blinds zone protects against unwanted glare when working on a screen. The middle zone supplies pleasant daylight. And the upper zone directs light into the interior of the room, providing a comfortable feeling of space. This makes daylight optimally useful in every situation.

Grinotex exterior venetian blind

External venetian blind with metal joints

Energy can be saved in different ways. Grinotext is one of them. Thanks to its sealing lip, the external venetian blinds can be fully closed. And if you should forget to close the window you won’t need to worry. The safety locking device makes things difficult for intruders.

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