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Motorised Blinds and Shades

The highest range and options of Motorised Blinds .

Motorised blinds are the ultimate in convenience and a necessity if your windows are large or out of reach. An advantages of a motorised blind are that it eliminates the requirement for an operating cord, and also provides a child safe blind solution without risk of entanglement.

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Motorised Blinds & Shades

Modernise your windows and make them an integral part of your smart home with our electric motorised blinds. These blinds can be raised or lowered with the push of a button, by using a simple remote control to operate the fully rechargeable, battery powered, wirefree motor to operate the blind.

  • Convenient operation: Adjust your electric blinds with voice, phone or by the touch of a button.
  • Energy efficient: Automatically adjust based on time of day to reduce energy costs.
  • Safe with no cords: Our Electric Roman and Roller blinds eliminate the hazard of cords for children and pets.
  • Accessible for all: Easy operation for individuals with mobility issues or hard to reach spaces.
  • Smart home integration: Control all your devices from a single app or smart home hub.
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Why Electric Blinds and Shades?

  1. Motorised Roller Blinds are completely cord free. Not only does this stop any cords looking grubby over time, but having no cords gives you full peace of mind that there are no exposed risks to young children in your home.
  2. The ultimate in convenience. Our simple to use remote controls make life simpler. Let your blinds go up before you do, controlling them from your bed, no more walking around in the dark to find a light switch!
  3. All our battery motorised blinds benefit from the latest technology, using the latest Lithium-ion technology to give long-lasting battery life between charges and super quiet and smooth movement when in use.

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