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"Fit" Blinds

The highest range and options of “FIT” Blinds, blinds without fixings.

Fit adheres directly to different flat surfaces, such as glass doors or frames with moldings or crossbars on the glass part, thanks to an ultra-resistant 3M adhesive. No need for holes or screws. Depending on the use made of each room, it can be combined with decorative, blackout or Night and Day fabrics, in order to achieve optimal light management in each case. The Fit system comes equipped with a child safety system if you configure cord operation.

Fit blinds estepona

“Fit” Blinds

Fit blinds use adhesive tape to fix to the window frame, so no screws required and no damage to the window frame.
Fit blinds allow the opening and closing of the window without interference from the blind.
Many fabric options are available including full blackout, partial shade fabrics as well as “Day & Night” shading.
Fit box blinds estepona

Fit Box Blinds

Fit box blinds utilise a larger box at the head of the blind allowing larger windows to be covered while still allowing unrestricted use of the window.

This blind can be operated using a rechargeable battery motor, handle or chain.

Fit pleated blinds estepona

Fit Pleated Blinds

The pleated curtain system with double fabric integrated into any window or glass door

The pleated curtain that is installed directly to the frame without the need for drilling, with ultra-resistant 3M adhesive. It has two fabrics, depending on the lighting needs of your space: a pleated fabric, available in a variety of colors, textures and transparencies and a Cell fabric, which guarantees thermal insulation and great opacity. In this way it contributes to the energy efficiency of your home. The Fit system comes equipped with a child safety system if you configure cord operation.

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Eclypser Pleated Blinds

Eclyser blinds attach to the window glass with a thin frame and are available in total blackout fabric or partial shade material.

Eclyser blinds can operate either vertically or laterally and can be opened from both ends to provide flexibility with the shade provided.

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