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Roof Window & Conservatory Blinds

Conservatory & Roof Window Blinds For Light and Heat Control

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Roof Window Blinds

Direct installation on the window frame to create refined and rustic spaces.

VivoSol’s answer for dormer windows, whatever the model and degree of inclination. Attic systems will create an enveloping, intimate and welcoming environment. They are installed directly into the window frame, without the use of screws or the need to drill holes. The options are multiple, both in terms of fabrics – allowing you to choose between roll-up, pleated or opaque fabric – and controls – manual, cord or spring-. The perfect finish to take advantage of the entry of light and filter it as you wish.

Motorised Conservatory Roof Blinds

As the cost of technology decreases, the motorisation of conservatory roof blinds is now a realistic and affordable proposition for many. Motorisation allows hands-free operation from the comfort of your own chair, in zones, altogether or individually as you wish. Motorised conservatory roof blinds all require a mains electrical supply at the moment, although at limited sizes, window and conservatory roof blinds can now be battery powered! As technology improves, modern batteries and solar-powered charging are changing the way we motorise.

motorised conservatory roof blinds estepona

Fox Garden Roof Window Blinds

The Fox Garden line was designed for conservatory or skylights and consists of electric blackout curtains, which can be operated by a simple remote control. This product uses SqualoNet blackout blinds in order to make the blind virtually invisible once opened and with the possibility of enjoying a double opening. This unconventional technology makes, as with all other products, both assembly and washing extremely easy. A furnishing element that will add elegance and design to any type of environment, fitting in naturally and with personality.
This last factor should not be discounted. Fox Garden is the link between classic and modern, the best choice to modernize a dated home or to add an attractive accessory that does not lose its functionality. The blind can be installed with various different types, from total black out (to avoid any possible infiltration of light) to filtering (to allow light to penetrate without bothering you). The common thread remains the simplicity of assembly and intuitive use.

The Advantages of Conservatory Roof Blinds

Installing conservatory roof blinds has many advantages, the most prominent and often necessary of which is keeping you cool in the summer. If your garden is facing in any other direction than North, the temperature in the conservatory can become unbearably hot. By choosing a high-tech fabric specifically designed for conservatory roof blinds, you will achieve an easy, long-lasting and effective temperature-controlling solution.

  • Provide privacy whilst still allowing maximum light
  • Solar protection from harsh sun rays for your furniture, plants and pets
  • Specialist conservatory roof blinds fabric controls temperature to keep you cool in the Summer
  • Saves you energy and hence money through reduced heat loss in winter
  • Excellent light control making reading or watching screens possible
  • Better security, keeping your possessions hidden from opportunists
  • Finish your room, adding conservatory roof blinds to decorate to your taste; cosy, contemporary, practical…
motorised conservatory roof blinds estepona

Let the light in…

Conservatory roof blinds also control light and heat very effectively. On sunny days, opening just one blind will let in a huge amount of light and at the same time, provide shading and cooling. Things that were previously impossible such as reading, or watching a computer or tv screen, are made possible through conservatory roof blinds. Additionally, in contrast to keeping you cool in the Summer, our range of energy-saving high-tech fabrics prevent heat loss in winter, saving you energy and also saving you money. These special fabrics are available in the following ranges; pleated conservatory blinds, and roller conservatory blinds.

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