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Blinds for Glass Curtains

Solar protection systems of pleated blinds are perfect complement for any glass enclosure. VivoSol pleated glass curtain blinds protect from the sun in an effective way without breaking the aesthetics.

This advanced system protects the interior of housing from the sun, providing greater brightness and thermal comfort both in summer and in winter.

glass curtain blinds estepona

Protect your home from the sun with a touch of design thanks to the pleated blinds, ideal for verandas or for terraces.

Thanks to the special design of the pleated blinds and their possible regulation, our systems covers differently shaped gaps, granting a complete solar protection in places exposed to the sun, like the facades.

The pleated model is a very light and easily manageable textile blind that adapts perfectly to minimum collecting spaces.

pleated glass blinds estepona
  • Pleated blind system is best solution for narrow window frames and for protection against sunlight.
  • You may create free space in your home with our modern, fashionable and elegant pleated blind.
  • We have colour scale detailed from light neutral colours to the most vivid colours.
  • Blind runs in two directions. You may move it down to up and up to down.
  • As it is mounted independently to each wing of glass balcony, you may move your glass balconies together with the blind and use them independently of the blind.
  • It is made of fabric 100% polyester, finished, dirt-repellent and washable.

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